USDA to Release Breeder Requirements for Comment Next Week

USDA to Release Breeder Requirements for Comment Next Week

Early next week, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be releasing for public comment a new interpretation of portions of existing regulations for the federal Animal Welfare Act.
In particular, two proposed changes may have a potentially significant impact on AKC breeders:
• Current AWA regulations do not require licensing of “retail pet stores”. The newly proposed rule will significantly narrow the definition of retail pet stores so that: “Retail pet store means any outlet a place of business or residence that each buyer physically enters in order to personally observe the animals available for sale prior to purchase and/or to take custody of the animals after purchase …” .
This rescinds the “retail pet store” status/protection for those who engage in internet sales. Breeders who engage in internet-only or other sales without allowing the buyer to personally observe the puppy ahead of purchase will be subject to current USDA commercial breeder licensing and inspections. However, breeders who sell pets to their customers face-to-face will now qualify as “retail pet stores” for the purpose of remaining exempt from USDA regulations.
• The proposed new rule also increases the exception for regulation as a commercial breeder for those who maintain up to four breeding female dogs on their premises if person sells only the offspring born and raised on the premises for use as pets or exhibition (regardless of whether those animals are sold at retail or wholesale).
The American Kennel Club will review the proposal, provide comment after fully analyzing the impacts of the proposed rule, and will report all developments as they warrant.

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1. Maryjoy wrote:
Well, I didn't answer and I am not a proafssionel breeder' as that would be a puppy miller or back yard greeder, nor do I keep my dogs in a kennel' they are in my home I am a responsible breeder who will not register' my kennel name because to do so would mean I would have to have a litter a year for five years and I won't do that as it is irresponsible given the millions of unwanted dogs in this world. I breed because it is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do and is for the betterment of the breed and its future and not to fill a quota with AKC.I will answer your question though and that is that you will be having a litter most likely of mutts and there is no way of knowing unless you do DNA testing of all parties involved. The ones that might occur that would be of the same breed determined by DNA testing could be AKC registered but it would be irresponsible of you to allow this pregnancy to continue knowing that even part of them could be mutts. You need to be responsible and terminate the pregnancy. You can get your bitch spayed at the same time as it is likely that she is not of breed quality and you are not knowledgeable enough of breeding strategies and practices to be a good breeder AT THIS TIME if you do get a good mentor in your breed and learn and go out and participate in performance and temperament events with your spayed b*tch and show that you have the best interest of your breed at heart then maybe you could aquire a decent breed quality b*tch, show her and finish her, get her health and temperament evaluations done and then work with the breeder to find the best possible dog to breed her to and then have a decent litter responsibly bred and placed into pre-screened suitable homes. The ODDS are this is a mutt litter your first time' should not be ignorantly and should be knowledge based and it doesn't sound like it is

Tue, June 5, 2012 @ 1:22 AM

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