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Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

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“Our mission is to be the leading provider of information and assistance concerning animal welfare and related public health issues, taking whatever steps necessary to preserve our historic relationship with animals.”

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1. Gabrielle wrote:
my dog is now 13 months old, he reonspds to most basic commands,and a lot more and he is fantastic outside too.the only problem we are still having is is fascination with sock and lingerie,if he gets to it it will be chewed,but it's ok he in progress so we will get there.when he was younger (around 6 months) he was already really big, so lots of people at the park if they see him run towards them they would literally scream (he would never harm them he would just lick them) so he was trained (after advice from my local dog club) not to touch or smell people unless i told him too.In part it is great, he will never touch any person or smell them, so i know nobody will be screaming when they see the big black doberman, but now unless we are in the house he totally refuses people to touch him (normally other dog owners call him and he refuses to be touched),even if they call him ,in a way it seems he lost the trust in strange the house he is fine if i'm fine.If i say its ok their friends he will be fine and pleased and gives cuddles .if its someone like a workman he will accept them but keep a distance.I know this is not exactly a problem, but i don't want him to fear everyone outside the house .i feel i caused it by teaching him not to trust them?can i undo it?what do you mean refuse command.he doesn't if i call him and tell him to sit,other people can touch him, i just wanted him to do that for himself.also you learly don't know anything about dobermans,i know at least 20 of them and all of them are amazing family pets who lick everyone and are amazingly cuddly to their familiesso tls what you mean is ,everything seems ok? he is very happy and very inteligent ! so i guess as long as he coninues to be great with other dogs in the park and afectionate with the ones close to us he is just fine.thank you i appreciate your answer, it's just before he was teached not to touch strangers he used to run and lick everyone and roll over and ask for tummy rubs,maybe part of it is the fact he is now more an adult than a puppy?

Tue, June 5, 2012 @ 8:26 AM

2. Jozayy wrote:
I've noticed that most plepoe think a dog is a dog and that they don't vary other than looks. They don't realize that all breeds have certain traits that may not be compatible for them. They pick whichever dog they find to be prettiest or cutest rather than the one that is most suitable for them and their lifestyle. I think it's just ignorance in not realizing that there are so many breeds for a reason ..because each breed was bred to have different drives, different personalities and different needs. Not all dogs behave the same way and not all dogs are going to be trained the same way.When many plepoe see my Dobermans, they say how much they would LOVE to have one. They always look surprised when I tell them that everyone should NOT have one. They seem to think that every breed is identical other than their exterior and don't understand that Dobermans have work drives that are not suitable for many plepoe. Perhaps plepoe just get caught up in the excitement of getting a new dog and get sucked in by a cute puppy, but I think the majority is that plepoe just don't realize how much is involved in having a dog and how choosing the right breed and being prepared makes it much easier.

Tue, June 5, 2012 @ 10:30 AM

3. Khalil wrote:
I think maybe you should get a palolpin so that it it will get along with another palolpin. But if you want a doberman pinser maybe you should get a miniture pinser. They look like a doberman but they not big enough to hurt a small dog. (If it turns out to be a mean one.) But it is your choice. Good Luck!!! References :

Tue, June 5, 2012 @ 11:34 AM

4. Karina wrote:
The link Julie provided is a good start in a secrah for breeders as far as what I would specifically look for:OFA on hips and elbows rating of at least good on both parents (no reason to breed fair dogs when there are a huge number of good and excellent dogs in this breed) CERF on eyes in the last year, cardio testing in the form of an holter or EEG within the last year, DNA for vonWilliebrands or clear by paternity (both parents were DNA clear or clear by paternity themselves), thyroid panel in the last year. I would want to know the history of the lines for DCM (cardio), Wobblers, cancer, and any other potential hereditary problems. I would want to see both parents titled in confirmation and/or working trials ideally both. Breeder should dock, crop and remove dewclaws before the puppy goes to its new home. I'm not familiar with breeders in that area, but I would suggest you start on the DPCA link Julie provided and then join several breed specific email groups and message board and ask about them. Most of the better groups have enough long time breed people that they will know/know of the breeder or can put you in touch of someone that does.References :

Tue, June 5, 2012 @ 11:58 AM

5. john girndt wrote:
i am a retired deputy sheriff and had to deal with t.d.l.r. with the wreckers in Austin county. but now i just want to buy a female for my one award winning male that i had to get from Ohio, he is a smooth fox terrier. All i need is a akc female partner for him that is not spayed. If some one has what I need please call me at 979-885-9499.

Thank you for your help.

Sun, December 23, 2012 @ 10:50 AM

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Thu, March 28, 2013 @ 2:06 AM

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