Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

PR NEWSWIRE December 5, 2011 San Antonio, Texas

SOURCE: Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

“Animal Rights” Activists Aim to Eliminate All Dog and Cat Breeding in Texas.
Their crosshairs are on purposeful breeding and sales of purebred dogs and cats in the U.S. as the “first step” of their extreme agenda.

Under the guise of emotional rhetoric to eliminate “Puppymills,” Texas HB 1451 was pushed through the 2011 Texas Legislative Session by senior ranking members Rep. Senfronia Thompson and Senator John Whitmire and signed into law by Governor Rick Perry June 17. The bill mandates Texas dog and cat breeders with more than 10 Intact Female Animals (over 6 months) be licensed and comply with federal USDA regulations for minimum standards with requirements impossible to meet in a home environment. The newly appointed Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation’s Breeders License Committee is tasked with writing more rules with enforcement to begin September 1, 2012.

Bill proponents Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Texas Humane Legislation Network and ASPCA held a joint Lobby Day at the Capitol last legislative session. For HSUS President Wayne Pacelle this is a national agenda to legislate pet ownership out of existence. He stated as much in May of 1993: “One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." HSUS operates no animal shelters and only 1% of their $126 million budget goes to local shelters. Texas Humane Legislation Network President Cile Holloway reminded members of their goal to “Get anything passed and come back later.”
Senator Whitmire says he’s bringing HB 1451 back for the next Legislative Session.

HB 1451 goes far beyond reasonable requirements for humane care and confinement of animals -- exceeding existing standards for city pounds, nonprofit animal shelters and veterinary clinics. The bill states: “The standards adopted must at a minimum meet federal regulations for humane handling, care, treatment, and transportation set forth in 9C.F.R. Part 3, Subpart A in the Animal Welfare Act.” HSUS failed to get a federal bill passed in 2005 to bring every dog and cat breeder in the US under the Animal Welfare Act and vowed to take their campaign to the states.

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, American Kennel Club, and many other animal welfare organizations opposed HB 1451 which authorizes third party inspectors’ warrantless entry to homes, unannounced inspections without owner on premises, criminal background checks, payment to “snitches” for anonymous information, excessive license fees to cover all administration and enforcement costs, public listing of breeder licensed facilities and more. Public listing of licensed breeders will undoubtedly lead to harassment from “animal rights” extremists who harbor a deep hatred for all dog and cat shows and hobby breeders.

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1. Irina wrote:
John Grandy of HSUS has admitted they have a wistnes to the killing of mute swans in the Chesapeake Bay by DNR people and helpers.They knew about this in Fenruary and did nothing then nor since!The manner in which they kill the birds is on the books as a felony in the state: They round them up, put them in sacks, pummel them with hammers to the head and then take them out and use long handled bolt cutterson their necks, killing them,of course. THIS IS RIGHT ON THE HSUS WEBSITE, under Frequently asked questions? but they have done nothing.I filed a brief with the Attorney General, because I ama swan expert, having worked for them for the lasttwelve years and winning MBTA coverage for them in 2001, with my friiend, Joyce Hill (HillvNorton) I have had two articles approved by major ornithological organizations and recently had one printed in apublication of Society of Canadian Ornithologists.My research shows they were here in 1585,drawn by the first European artist to document flora and faunaof Virginia. HSUS has the Canada Geese egg killing cotracts and wanted to get the mute swan contracts,but of course there will not be any more mute swans on the Chesapeake Bay, because they are all under a death sentance, created from lies by zombies who work for the agencies. HSUS should be cited as a co-conspirator in these felony killing as they knew about them and did nothing. That is a BREACH OF THE PUBLIC TRUST!!!!! Anyone who wants to work on this, should look at, look at my paper and then contact me.

Tue, June 5, 2012 @ 4:44 AM

2. john girndt wrote:
this lone star fox terrier club is greedy and every one i have talked to has lied to me when i asked where i could a pup. all i hured was that all the fox terriers were gone out of texas. thanks any way.

Fri, November 2, 2012 @ 9:04 PM

3. halterpromdresses wrote:

Thu, March 28, 2013 @ 2:05 AM

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