Common Sense?

Common Sense?

So you like to take your pets/show animals with you in your vehicle and some really like to go.
Now you not only have to worry about criminals breaking into your vehicle – authorities will too at the behest of ‘no-common-sense’ people – see the following story -

$5000+ needless damage to a NEW 2 month old car for no good reason plus fines and possible jail time.

And tomorrow at 1:30, the City of Dallas is discussing outsourcing cruelty investigations and seizures to SPCA.

What’s wrong with this?

1. The seizure hearings are in JP court in Texas….Court of NO record. JP judges do not even have to be lawyers.
2. The appeal bonds are unbelievable in cost if you want to appeal….chilling the ability for someone to keep their property.
3. The animals on your residence….police powers to private organization? Private citizens required to open their home to other private citizens/organizations. We’re not talking breeders, businesses, etc. We’re talking any person that someone decides might be treating an animal cruelly.
4. Conflict of interest. SPCA uses seizures as money makers….advertising for donations and selling animals within days after claiming they were neglected/abused.

Just a few months ago the SPCA seized the Chows that were all healthy and in good condition. Their medical cards indicated the fecals were clear, no heartworms and correct weight.
Remember 20/20’s expose on Garcia and SPCA in 2005? 20/20 went on a raid with Dallas SPCA. The cameraman was a vet. The animals seized were not in poor condition according to the vet. No vet with SPCA reviewed the dogs on intake. Instead the dogs were evaluated by a vet tech, and Garcia lied on camera.

I would encourage you, if you are in Dallas or have interests there, please attend this meeting and/or contact your representatives, and oppose outsourcing to those who have and will abuse this power,
And oppose the outrages going on in this city.

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1. Alif wrote:
Manitoba is a very large place. Check your local yellow pages or vet for betetr info. Call your SPCA or humane society the often run classes.References :

Tue, June 5, 2012 @ 4:54 AM

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